A Backpack with Wings

Kim Nixon Hainstock There is a young seven-year-old girl walking across a fallen log, her arms stretched from her side as she balances. She has a denim jacket and a bright red backpack and she’s walking with such confidence you know her backpack has wings. She is flying. Everything she needs is in that pack. …


More on “What is True Health?”

I believe “True Health” is being able to be in awe and fascination with every “now ” moment.               – Diana Oman, Lake Superior Holistic Connection, holistic wellness practitioner Excerpted with permission from What Is… True Health, Winter 2007–2008 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine. All rights reserved.

Wood Heat—Healthy or Hazardous? by Steve Waller

To avoid escalating heating bills, many are going back to burning wood (solar power – from concentrate). Wood does NOT contribute to global warming. It merely cycles ACTIVE carbon without ADDING carbon to the atmosphere as fossil fuels do. Wood is carbon neutral, low in sulfur, and renewable – sounds great. But does wood heat …


What is True Health?

“True health is a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. It comes from taking an active role in exploring and developing interests and fostering interaction with the world and with people around you. When you have true health you respond to the emotional cues that come from inside you by making decisions about how and where …


Yooptopian View of the Week

What’s YOUR perspective on Yooptopia? What do you think makes the U.P. special? What do you think would improve it?