Inner Nutrition. . . Attracting the Life of Your Dreams, Diana Oman

In the fall of 2005, I discovered Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. ( As I listened to the teachings, something “clicked” inside me. The teachings felt right and true for me. It was as if I had truly found “food for my soul”…some kind of incredible “inner nutrition.”  It sparked new life inside me.  I now feast …


Creative Inspiration: Gift of the Gods, by Kevin McGrath

As a writer, painter and mixed media artist I was asked where my creative inspiration comes from.  The answer for me is simple.  I look at creative inspiration more as divine intervention, or finding my inner source through intention and then submission. My best creations are always the kind that flow freely and where I …


Herbal Options: Cold & Flu Remedies, by Victoria Jungwirth

Influenza often doesn’t make  it to these distant regions until late in the winter, and sometimes fluctuating temperatures as winter wanes can leave us vulnerable to infection. During this season, we should be consciously working to avoid colds by taking care of ourselves. It’s when we let down our guard that imbalance occurs, and infections …


Bodies In Motion: Listen In To Exercise Right! by Heidi Stevenson

We all want our exercise to be effective: we want it to be good for us, to improve our health, to make us stronger, inside and out. When choosing a way to exercise, we are presented with many options that take a “no pain, no gain” approach.  This philosophy asks us to override discomfort. It …


Introducing Member Acupuncture of Marquette

YOOPtopia in Action member Acupuncture of Marquette offers gentle family acupuncture, with help for women’s health, pain management, and pediatrics. Click here to vist their web page.


I became a mom at age 40 and a single parent at age 45. I’ve been a person with a career since age 23. Thus my perspective comes from a framework of co-parenting, motherhood and me. It has been nearly ten years since that life changing moment you never forget. I looked at my newborn …