Inner Nutrition. . . Attracting the Life of Your Dreams, Diana Oman

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In the fall of 2005, I discovered Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. ( As I listened to the teachings, something “clicked” inside me. The teachings felt right and true for me. It was as if I had truly found “food for my soul”…some kind of incredible “inner nutrition.”  It sparked new life inside me.  I now feast on this “food” daily. 

As a result, my life has changed in positive ways beyond my wildest expectations!  I find more reasons to be hopeful and joyful.  More perceived “good” things happen to me than “bad” things.   I now expect things to work out well for me.  I’m in love with life!  And I found freedom!

Here is my “inner nutrition” menu. (Zero calories!  Totally 100% organic ingredients!) Suggested serving: No limitations!

· AppreciationEvery morning before opening my eyes and every evening before falling asleep, I do a “rampage of appreciation” for everything that I appreciate.  It’s simply a list of appreciative mental or verbal ramblings!

· ResponsibilityI believe that I create my life, including every little detail.  Everything in my current “reality” is simply a manifested indicator of my previous thoughts and feelings.  I get what I expect. Everyone and everything that is in my experience is a vibrational match…an exact indicator of the essence that is vibrating within me.  I attract my life experiences by the feelings behind my thoughts and spoken words.

· Before taking any action, first get into the “vortex of a feel-better thought”: This means that before I do anything, I first make sure I am  thinking good thoughts.  If I have difficulty finding a really good thought, then I just do my best to “lean” toward a better feeling thought.  Then, I do the tasks on my “things-to-do” list. 

I make a deliberate effort never to  do anything when I feel or “it” feels “off.” (To determine whether something feels “off,” I check within myself to see whether it feels like a vibrational match for me to proceed.  If it does, I do it.  If it doesn’t, I don’t.  If it’s not clear, then I simply gather more data and then ask myself again.)

· Seek JoyI am led by joy!  I make a conscious effort to lean selfishly toward better feeling thoughts.  If it’s related to something that I “must” do, then I find a different, out-of-the- box way to accomplish it that feels like play, not work.  If it’s not fun, if it feels like hard work, it’s not a match for me.  

· Embrace Love!I do my best to see the Divine light that shines within us all because we are all one.  I try to remember to see life through the eyes of Source. 

· Ask, Allow, Receive: I ask, (visualize my life the way I want it to be).  I allow the Universe to deliver it and I align myself so I can receive it, ie., I might speak of expecting something I have visualized with excited anticipation of it arriving and how good it feels to have this so I can be a vibrational match to receiving it.  I tell the new story of how I want it to be instead of telling my old story of how it was or how I currently see it.

· Surround myself with like-minded people: To break through old paradigms of fear-based, limited thinking, it’s necessary to have the daily support of those who “speak the same language.”  We support and celebrate each other’s dreams and manifested desires—co-creating at its best!  It is my deliberate intent to surround my life with loving, joy-generating, life-giving, engaging, uplifting, forward-looking, leading edge people!  Priceless!

· DVDs/CDs/books: Daily doses of these are a “must” in replacing old, limiting language. 

· Really good food and really good Chocolate: Hmmm, another “must.”

If you are ready for positive change, participate in your own life-changing experiment by inviting yourself to play, (remember…it’s got to be fun!), everyday with these inner-nutrition hints.  Feel what happens!  

Diana Oman is a Marquette resident, holistic practitioner at Lake Superior Holistic Connection, and facilitator of Law of Attraction events based upon the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Contact Diana at 906-250-4995 or email at Visit her website at

Excerpted with permission from the Spring 2010 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine. Copyright 2010, Intuitive Learning Creations. All rights reserved.