Inner Nutrition: Ingredients for Gourmet Healing, Kim Kee

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Being in the healing arts most of my life, I have discovered a few core “ingredients” of healing I’d like to share.  Maybe this “recipe” will help your own healing process too and allow you to embrace the main staples that go into healing work we all do every day for ourselves, our friends, family, clients and our world. 

One ingredient carefully to calculate, observe, then thrown entirely out of the mix, is the negative ego.  This part of our mind observes everything and everyone as “better than” or “less than” ourselves.  It dances from being supremely arrogant to self-abusive and degrading in the flash of an instant. 

We all know the voice; some of us don’t know we are anything but this voice;  I am SUCH a great healing cook; or This recipe tastes terrible and it is all my fault, or… I don’t know what I will do if they don’t like my food; or I am a fraud; what if they find out I am not a cook after all? Therefore, my entire self-esteem is based on this healing recipe; or I know more about everything than anyone so they WILL eat this food.

The ego always does the same old song and dance, trying its best to slip into the healing cauldron when I’m not looking.  If included, the ego ruins the mix, providing little nutritional value and leaving me exasperated and stricken.  So when concocting your dish, remember to be astute about the ego wanting to shimmy its way into your cauldron! 

Another vital ingredient is to ask for assistance. 

Call on help from your guidance, by whatever name you call it – God/Goddess/All That Is, angels, counselors/guides, Higher Self, the Creator, the Inner Physician.  As we humans are beginning to understand, we are all connected.  Quantum physics is proving what sages, mystics and metaphysicians have known through the ages – everyone and everything is significant, all life matters, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  We are co-creators, influenced by and influencing one another’s electromagnetic fields. 

We also comprehend that thoughts are “things.”  They are vibrations, molecular resonances which create our experience.  Wayne Dyer has a book called You’ll See It When You Believe It.  Scientists are agreeing with this premise through the study of how particles, waves and quarks interact with consciousness.  Those of us in the healing arts are aware of this Universal Law.  

Another law is that we have free will.  Everything pivots on choice.  Inner and outer resources are always at the ready, but we must ASK for this help.  They cannot, out of respect for Divine Law and for us, interfere with our human experience.  So asking for assistance with healing, in whatever way works for you, is like putting the chips in the chocolate cookies!

The third ingredient is to totally let go, to have absolutely no agenda. 

This advice may sound glib but it’s mandatory for the recipe’s success. We add our ingredients and mix together our intention, love, hope, joy, empowerment, relaxing energy, music, technique, meditation, prayer, prior life skills, etc. together, then place our beautiful gourmet dish in the oven to incubate, cook, and transform.  We have no idea how it will turn out.  It is a Mystery.  When done, we can only offer the healing food.  We can’t shove it down someone’s mouth.  We can’t even tell others how good it is because their taste buds are completely different than ours.  All we can do is create our best effort by strengthening our intentions, keeping the ego at bay, asking for help, setting the “tone” or resonance for the healing in whatever way feels powerful for us, then offering the dish to ourselves and/or others. 

The choice to indulge in the gourmet healing meal is an individual decision. Some may nibble or sniff and never taste.  Some may gobble or gorge.  Some may not want inner nutrition for whatever reasons, which we need to respect.  Others may ask us to become their professional chef, or better yet, become chefs themselves.  It is not up to us to figure it out or force it.  But, if the powerful choice is made to partake, the nutritional healing experience will be delicious!

Kim Kee owns Essential Kneads, a therapeutic massage and craniosacral practice,  

Excerpted with permission from the Summer 2010 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. MagazineCopyright 2010, Intuitive Learning Creation. All rights reserved.