Gifts From Nature: Reflections of Water, Roslyn Elena McGrath

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The language of water

is very still

and rushing,


and waiting,


and gushing,

endless and ever-present,


and reflective,


and renewing,

births the birthing

and ensuing cycles

of momentum

and rest,

refreshment and source,

ever-changing course,

cutting through any stones and muck,

giving all to its function

of love and peace and war

on all that we abhor,

washing away strains

and cares and woe,

raining down from on high to below,

Way into and through the Earth

rising up through its roots in rebirth,

and glory and fun,

sparkling now in the sun

melting in dewdrops that fade,

crunching in snow freshly made.

All of this beauty, it’s true,

runs throughout me, throughout you.

“The Language of Water,” Roslyn Elena McGrath

Water, water everywhere.  Some drops are not to drink. Does water make you think of where  it came from and where it’s going?

When you rely upon your inner knowing and go within, there you’ll find . . .water, 80% water. Even the air you breathe in and breathe out contains water, water continually shifting and changing forms and direction, yet still water.

Our choices change water.

Can you change habits and choices to make sure water is clean, is healthy?

Can you live without water? Can you live with unclean water? Can you live healthily with unhealthy water?

Can you love water clean? Dr. Emoto, author of Messages From Water, says so. Don’t believe that? Then find other ways to protect and cleanse the water.

Don’t love yourself? Don’t love water.

Can you change course, find a better direction, and still be what you are, just like water?

After all. . . you are water.

Roslyn Elena McGrath writes, reads, lives, and plays about and around water. She is a professional artist, teacher, holistic practitioner and the publisher of Health & Happiness  U.P. Magazine. You can check out her website,

Excerpted with permission from the Winter 2010-2011 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. MagazineCopyright 2010, Intuitive Learning Creation. All rights reserved.