What is True Health?

“True health is a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. It comes from taking an active role in exploring and developing interests and fostering interaction with the world and with people around you. When you have true health you respond to the emotional cues that come from inside you by making decisions about how and where …


Yooptopian View of the Week

What’s YOUR perspective on Yooptopia? What do you think makes the U.P. special? What do you think would improve it?

Humor & Health

By Bill Waters There are no things by which the troubles and difficulties of this life can be better resisted than with wit and humor.  – H. K. Beecher The important role of humor in our lives has long been accepted. Most of us like to laugh, at least a little bit and at the right times and …


Supporting Kids & Community

Every day, the choices we make impact upcoming generations, some more immediately than others. Like it or not, we are role models and decision-makers, influencing our world for better or worse. This is one factor in Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine’s choice to found YOOPtopia in Action. And also why it runs a feature on …


Late Summer Delights

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